Player Commands

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Player Commands

Post by atom0s » Mon Feb 26, 2018 6:58 am

Here is a list of commands currently available to players:
  • !flist - Displays your friends list.
    !flistadd [name] - Adds a player to your friends list.
    !flistremove [name] - Removes a player from your friends list.

    !help - Lists available commands.

    !re - Reloads your party list in case it bugs out.

    !release - Allows you to release yourself from a cutscene. (Use with caution, this can bug out missions/quests.)

    !revision - Displays the current revision of the server. (Currently not working.)

    !unstuck - Allows you to homepoint yourself if you get stuck. (Locks you in place for 15minutes to prevent abuse. Can be canceled.)
    !cancel - Cancels a homepoint attempt via the unstuck command.

    !where - Displays your current position information. (Used for bug reports.)
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