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Server Rules

Post by atom0s » Sun Feb 11, 2018 6:16 am

Be sure to follow our server rules while playing!

Rules and punishments are subject to change. Punishments are at the discretion of GMs/staff.
Bans are rare and only given out as needed.
  1. Dual-boxing is allowed. (Up to 2 accounts per household.) [Contact staff if you have more than one person connecting at the same house hold.]
  2. Do not share account or personal information. GM(s) will never ask for any of your account info or personal info.
  3. If you do share accounts, you are responsible for any actions either party performs on any accounts. Your account will also be linked to any negative actions performed by the other person. (ie. if they get banned so will you.)
  4. Exploiting or abusing any type of bugs is strictly prohibited. All exploits should be reported immediately to a staff member.
  5. Third party tools not sanctioned below are not allowed.
  6. Botting is strictly prohibited.
  7. Spamming chat is not allowed.
  8. Impersonating staff is not allowed.
  9. RMT (Real Money Trade) is not allowed.
  10. No racist/hate speech of any kind is allowed.
  11. Using multiple characters or global chat channels to harass other players is not allowed.
(These rules are subject to change without warning!)

Sanctioned Third Party Tools
  • Ashita
  • Windower
  • xiloader (Custom pol.exe to connect to the server.)
  • Combat parsers. (ie. kParser)
  • SwitchMon
  • ApRadar / Mappy - (As long as it does not include any type of botting features or similar. Visual map data is fine.)
Sanctioned Third Party Addons / Plugins
  • AshitaCast / GearSwap
  • Deeps
  • Distance
  • Duration
  • FPS
  • MiniMap
  • PetTP
  • Recast
  • Servo / MultiSend
  • Shorthand
  • Timestamp
  • TParty
  • WatchEXP
Banned Third Party Addons / Plugins
  • Anything that automates macros / input that would be considered botting.
  • Any type of speed hacks.
  • Any type of teleporting hacks.
  • Any type of collision removal hacks. (ie. GM flag)
  • WatchDog or similar widescan botting tools.
(The lists of allowed/banned tools are subject to change without warning.)
  • Ashita Lead Developer
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