Kupo is a private FFXI server based off the 2003 retail feeling with only CoP and RoZ expansions active.
Kupo aims to emulate retail very closely with only variants being a few quality of life changes. We strive to be 100% bug free.

Kupo Under New Management

As you may have know, Kupo had to shut down abruptly due to real life/health issues of one of the original owners. Because of this the server was turned off and shutdown with little to no warning.

To keep the vision of Kupo alive, atom0s and Immortality of the [former] LegionDark server have volunteered to assist Kupo with hosting and management to keep the server running.
We are in the process of getting Kupo back online where it left off at. For more information feel free to join us on the following Discord servers:

https://discord.gg/bNJ9hHY - KupoFFXI Official Discord Server
https://discord.gg/nYF6gNv - Final Fantasy XI Private Realms

Server Is Now Live!

The server is now online and available to play! The beta test is over! All data is now recording and live!!

Server Connection String: --server connect.kupoffxi.com --hairpin

New Forums

The new forums are now online and available here: Click Here