It's time to say goodbye..
The Kupo server has shutdown on Oct 1, 2018. Due to real life issues, I (atom0s) have to step away from the project.

Kupo was brought back to life with some specific promises made to the original team (Icon and NorthernLights) that I will not break which includes keeping the server source code and information private. When I took over, Icon requested that I kept all information on the server private and that no one else would have access to the source or database directly. Because of this, it caused a lot of struggles to keep an active development team going for the server as well as issues with my personal real life schedule to work in times to handle maintenances.

Icon and I discussed the future of Kupo after me, but Icon was stern on still keeping the source and information private. Because of this, Kupo as it is must come to an end with me as the head. However, Icon has agreed to allow the player information to be passed on.

Enter Eden..

Godmode had begun plans to make his own server before the Kupo shutdown was announced and confirmed which invisioned similar goals as Kupo, with some extra things included such as the Treasures expansion and other retail specific aspects. He also wanted to remove some of the easy-mode / quality of life things Kupo had added. I approached Godmode with the offer to take on Kupo's player base on his server when the shutdown happened which he agreed to.

Eden is now live and has all of Kupo's player information. You can follow their install/upgrade guides and get back online with your Kupo information with ease.
Check out Eden here:

Homepage: http://www.classicffxi.com/
Discord: https://discord.gg/uKgpypT

Thank You Everyone!

Thanks to everyone who continued to make Kupo possible!
  • Thank you to Icon/NL for allowing me to take over Kupo and keep it running.
  • Thank you to Immortality for paying out of pocket for the server hardware and hosting Kupo for us.
  • Thank you to the volunteers that stepped up and helped contribute to the development of Kupo.
  • Thank you to the players who continued to keep the server popular, fair and fun.

Some user submissions of fun on the server: